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Related post: Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 00:00:07 +0000 From: Jonathan B Subject: Raw CardioHey all...This is my first story in a long while, and very different from my other. Hope naked sex models you guys like it, and comments are welcome.Cheers guys (and gals).JT***Raw Cardio I had not expected, when I fotki models downloaded the B-studio gay porn film, that it would be my personal trainer on screen getting his ass fucked while wearing full football gear."Holy shit," I said staring at the screen, as I came over my chest. As I paused the film, and licked the cum cum from my fingers, I stared into the eyes of my trainer, Julian. With full shoulder pads, eyeblack under his eyes, and bent over a table being ass fucked by some muscle hunk he looked fucking hott. I un paused the film and kept watching, riveted to the screen. I'd always had an inkling that he was gay, or at least gay friendly, but I'd never have thought young nude girlmodels I'd see him on film.I watched the scene to the end in its fullest, came again, and then went on an internet search for him.He nn chilg models was listed in the credits as russian model magazine JC Douglas. He was in three of satine model gallery tiny 12 models the studio's films, but never young art modelling with title billing. I set the two films I dind't have to download, and continued my search. I found nearly nothing else, but realized that he must have done the films while he was in College, since they were all released around that time, and nothing since.Once they finished downloading, I fast-forwarded through the parts tiny russian models without him. The best film was the delcor model 751 one I had already seen, which was also the most recent. In the second film, he was in a gym group scene where he got fucked and cummed on by four muscle boys before he modell preeteen ate his and their cum.The third film I watched, his first by release, was an amateur compilation. The clip was of him doing a solo jack off in a gym. As I watched, and jacked off, I realized that it wasn't just a gym, it was the gym he trained me in. I watched as he came on the bench, and then licked it off the bench, his hand, and one of the 45lb plates under the bench. He then smiled into the camera, grinned, flexed his arms, and that was it.I came twice more watching that clip. I'd always thought he was hott, and he obviously had an exhibitionist streak, because he didn't hide his body. When we trained he wore these sleeveless fitted Under Armour shirts, and baggy basketball shorts, or tearaways, which somehow always showed latin models off his bulge. A cap of some kind was a given. Or a bandanna. Until the videos, I'd never seen him without something on his head.Of course, now that I knew, teens calendar models I didn't know what to do. It was obvious that he hadn't done the videos as a career choice, russian lollita models but still they weren't hidden either. Even though they weren't with a major studio, they were released internationally. His fan page on the studio's webpage showed he had a bit of a following, yet still I didn't know what to say. I suspected that he'd done them to pay for some of his way through school, and he'd done nothing since leaving school.I spent the rest of the day pondering it, and rewatching the videos, and went to bed wondering. I woke the next morning, went for my run, and then headed to work. Julian and I were supposed to train that afternoon, and I still didn't know if I should say something, or just hold my tongue. Julian texted me in the early afternoon and asked if we could reschedule for later. I said sure, and we rescheduled for 9pm, which was the last hour before the club closed.I decided to stay at work late instead of going home only to have to head back downtown. I got to the gym at 8:45, and changed. I was on the treadmill at five to nine, and Julian approached me a few minutes after nine."Hey, TJ, thanks man. I was at a fitness thing north of the city, and knew I wouldn't get back for six.""No worries, man. Shall we go?""Yeah," he said, and clapped me on the shoulder. We walked, we talked, and he trained me hard like always. But unlike always, I made an effort to watch him more than usual. In the mirrors, I would check my form, and then watch him watching me. We'd smile at each other, I'd finish the set, and he'd have me go onto something else. Julian had me do a few new sets, and so he needed to correct my posture.Feeling his hands correcting my form, and his breath down my neck made me shudder. If he noticed, he didn't say or do anything to indicate it, but when he brushed the same spot, and I shuddered again, I knew he knew. Our eyes met briefly in the mirror, as he corrected my form for a overhead press, but it was quickly broken when a clang from a neighbouring guy dropping his weights.I was sweating buckets, and was purposefully not using a towel like I normally did, instead using my tshirt exposing my newly toned abs. "Lookin good, TJ," he said pointing to the abs. "It's really starting to pay off.""Thanks to you. I wouldn't manage by myself," I said. It may have been because I knew about the films, or perhaps because I free bondage model was becoming more confident with my new found physique, but I smiled at him the way I smiled at guys in bars I wanted to take home. If he recognized that it was that type of smile he didn't show any recognition.After the hour was over my shirt clung to me small naked models like I'd worn it in the shower, and my ear-length hair was plastered around my face. We walked side-by-side through the deserted gym, until reef bikini model we reached the change rooms. Mark the manager was just heading out."Hey, Julian," Mark said."Yeah?""Can you close uk boy models up tonight? I've gotta jet.""Sure," said Julian and Mark tossed him the keys. "Can I do my workout?""Sure. You remember the alarm?""Yeah. Thanks man. See ya later."Mark then baymaster 1991 models left, and I realized that it was just Julian and me in the whole gym. I took a nonude petite models chance. "You're gonna work out alone?""Yeah," he said with a hint of something in his voice I couldn't quite place."Didn't you once tell me never to lift heavy without a spotter?"He smiled. "You want to spot for me?""I sweden nude models may not lift heavy like you, but I could spot for you at least.""Yeah. Okay," he said after a moment, smiling. "Go load two 45plates on the bench press. I'll be there in a minute. Just gonna grab my gloves.""'K."I spun around, still sweaty, and headed back through the silent deserted club to the bench press. I had just loaded the first two plates, when the speakers erupted with club beats. I smiled. I loaded the other two plates and was just about to secure them with clips when I saw Julian. He'd changed into a pair of fitted sweats, a beater natasha 10yo model shirt and a bandanna. He looked so fucking hott.I grinned as he neared the bench. "I always wondered what you'd listen to working out.""Yeah, I mixed it myself.""I figured as much," I said as he sat on the bench, and I gallery teens models secured the plates. I took up position behind the bar and decision making model had to control myself as he lay down. His head was right between my legs, and as I helped him with the bar, my crotch got closer to his head. After he finished the third set, he moved on to the clip model nud free weights, lifting 70lbs I wasn't going to be much help, so I just hovered near enough that if anything happened kids preten models I could help, but far enough that I could watch him fully.When he had finished, it was nearly eleven. I helped him to model nude uruguay put all the weights back on the racks, and brushed against his ass twice. Once with my forearm, and again with my own ass. He said nothing until we were both back in the change room, and half-naked."You like to watch, don't you Teej?" he said matter-of-factly."Huh?" I asked. We were on opposite sides of the same bench, but close enough that we could smell each other. "Like to watch what?""Me," he said, and I turned to look at him. He was sweaty and shirtless. The sword tattoo down his back glistened with sweat. The movement of his torso drew my attention to his face, and I saw that he had this mischievous grin plastered across it. The same grin he'd had at the end of his solo.I let a smile creep onto my lips, and I looked over at him. "Yeah, JC, I do."Julian smiled, and then reached over, but before he touched my arm he recoiled in shock. niude models "JC?""JC Douglas. Three films for Vortex Films. The first, a solo; the second, a group; and the third, you got fucked over a bench in football very model pussy gear. Tell me, though, Julian," I said enjoying the obvious surprise on my trainers face, "who filmed you when you came on the bench here?"Julian was shocked. It showed on his face. I suddenly wasn't sure if I should have played my hand. Then he slid down the bench, and gripped my wrist. "You can't tell anyone," he said, latin young models gripping my wrist tighter with his sweaty powerful hand."I won't, Julian. It's not my place to tell. What you do in your life isn't my concern. But I will say that it was a nice surprise when I found the videos." I grinned at him, he loosened his grip, and we sat there staring into each other's eyes. Then he smiled. Then he grinned and stood up."Follow me," he said. I followed him, both of us shirtless, into the delta king model main gym. The stereo was still pumping out the music and when we reached the bench he pointed to the far corner. "There, TJ. There is the camera. No one filmed me, it was purely a solo video, but I did set up another camera over here for the close up cum shots.""Fucking hott," I said, an obvious boner crosby model 330 growing beneath my gym shorts. I then slammed him up against the wall and pinned his wrists above his head. He groaned slightly, and met the desire in my eyes, with his own.I slipped my tongue between his lips as I leaned in, our eyes still open, still filled with fire. His tongue met mine, and caressed it with a passion I'd never felt. I released his wrists, and his arms drifted down and caressed my back until they reached my ass and pulled me right up against him. The force of his pull slapped our abs and chests together. We had no choice but to breath in rhythm.Our breathing turned into humping, and with his hands still on my ass, now gripping tight, mine caressed his sides and slipped under his shorts. His ass was tight, taught, muscular. My dick got harder as my hands explored the skin around his crack, until a finger found the top. Sliding a finger down between his ass cheeks, Julian groaned adelaide model baby and pushed me away."Shit," he swore, and took two steps sideways along the wall. I took another step back, again, not knowing what to do. I waited for him to say something. I waited almost two minutes while he shuffled back and forth along the wall near the corner. "Shit," he swore again. "Fuck. Aw, TJ, I'm sorry. I never expected you to be the one.""The one, what?""The one I would fall for," he said sheepishly, avoiding my gaze."Oh shit," I said, and sank down onto the bench making sure I didn't let him teen adult models leave my sight."Ah, fuck, TJ. I am really sorry," he said, and headed towards the change rooms. I didn't let him get that far and cut him off at the treadmills."Don't just run away, Julian! I never would've thought that. Shit. I've lusted after you since we first met. What was I supposed to say? 'Julian, I'm gay. Can I fuck you?' That sure as hell wouldn't've helped me get this body," I said running a hand down my abs. "You are the hottest body I've seen in real life," I 1970 female models said with a smirk, which brought Julian's eyes back to my level. "I don't know if I've fallen for you, but fuck if I haven't fallen in lust with you."Julian grinned. "Yeah, I can see that in your eyes. model plus size Come on," he said, and took my hand. "Wanna have a late dinner?""It's nearly midnight, Julian. Is there anywhere decent open?""Sure. My kitchen."I smiled, and walked with him to the change rooms. As I stripped off the rest of my clothes, and he did the same, we just stood there, each admiring the other -- the lust obvious in the other's eyes. This time we didn't stop. I flung preeteen girls models the bench across the room, and slammed Julian against the lockers in the middle of the room. They nearly fell backwards. I slipped my tongue back down his throat and planted his hands on my ass.Julian pushed back, and slammed me against the wall, broke off the kiss, and dropped to his knees. He took my nude hawian models whole eight inches into his mouth with expert ease. His tongue caressed the head and brought all excess blood in my body to find the source of the pleasure. He ran it down the underside of the shaft. Slowly. Purposefully. Seductively. I groaned and dug my nails into his shoulders as my head slammed back against the drywall."Oh fuck yeah!" I screamed as his lips engulfed nude toung models my balls and his hands slowly crept their way up my torso. Gently he played with my nipples, as his tongue explored every hair on my balls. I groaned again, and dug my nails further model blogs cute into his shoulders that I nearly drew blood.Then, suddenly, his mouth released and he fell backwards landing on his hands, his ass a few inches off the ground. I dropped beth teen model to my knees, and pushed him flat onto the concrete floor. Hoisting his ankles up onto my shoulders, I pulled his ass towards me and slid my well lubbed cock into his tight ass.Slow at first, and then a push harder before I was in. The arching of Julian's back showed me he'd amateur model butts overcome his own hesitation. I slid slowly in down to the base of my cock, breathing hard and sweat dripping from my forehead onto his abs, and I grinned. I leaned down between his legs, and while I was fucking him, managed to touch my tongue to the tip of his cock.His eyes opened wide, and his chin hit his chest as his abs contracted, and saw what I could models underwear young do. "Holy shit," he said. "Oh, fucking Christ," he preeteen ukranian models said, before dropping his head back on the floor as beads of sweat appeared along each of his ab muscles. After a minute I stopped tonguing his cock, and focused on slamming berlin models alexandra mine into his ass.Each pump produced a grunt from us both. In. latex workflow model "Ugh." Out, we would exhale. In again, and another "Ugh." bernina model 740 I kept slamming him, and he kept groaning, and his nails kept digging into the concrete floor. I screamed and arched my back, and dropped back."You cum?" Julian asked, sounding disappointed."Not yet," I said between breaths. "I'm just getting started," I said as I slid my cock from his ass. I reached out for his wrist, and pulled him up to his feet. "I want to eat your cum," I said, drawing a grin from Julian."Let's go," he said. I grinned.He tossed me a pair of his sweats, and a bmx mongoose model tank. I slipped into my shoes, and tossed all my other clothes into the bag. He pulled a cap from his bag, and handed it to me."Your hair is a disaster," he said nearly laughing. I grinned back, and put it on. Backwards, of course. All of his clothes had his scent, and he could tell it was turning me on since the sweats were tenting. "You're goin' commando?""All the daisey model 21 easier to fuck you," I said."Ha! Come on, let's get outta here."He'd pulled on a camo tank and cargo shorts, and pulled his hair back under a bandanna again. We shut off the stereo, and the lights as we made our way out the doors, he then set the alarm and locked the doors. I then slammed him against the wall outside the club, slid my tongue down his throat, received an ass squeeze in response, and then nude baby model we broke it off.His car was around the corner. "Oh shit," I said on seeing his car, realizing I'd never driven with him before."What, bro?""You have a Hummer??""Oh yeah. Treated myself last summer after I sandra model boards graduated. It's a fucking hott ride, Teej. Gonna get it repainted sometime soon. Probably camo green, but dunno.""Sweet."Julian grinned. "You wanna drive?""Me? Nah bro, not tonight.""That's cool, but I thought I'd work on that dick of yours while you did."I grinned. "I'm sure there'll be another time.""Yeah, probably," he said as he flipped the key and disarmed the beast. We tossed our bags into the back, and climbed in. He'd spared no expense. Everything was sup'ed up and high end. He started the car, and immediately the stereo began to blast. He moved to turn it down, and I stopped him. Instead, I opened the window. He grinned, took the cue, and boys young models lowered them all.He gunned the engine, and we tore out of the lot up the nearly deserted streets, and headed for his place. The entire drive my hand was caressing his thigh, or bringing his free hand over to my cock. By the time we reached his place, we didn't much care about anything but finishing what we'd started. He slammed on the brakes, and skidded into place, and neither of us made any move to take our bags as we left.We weren't to the elevator, before he slammed me against a pillar and ground his crotch against mine, slipping his tongue between my teeth I slid a finger down his pants, and massaged his hole. He groaned, and broke off the kiss. "Fuck, Teej, you know just where to go.""I know," I said grinning. indian teen supermodel "Come on, before we get arrested.""Fuck that," said Julian, and ripped my tank off, balled it up, and tossed it in a corner."I'd rather fuck you," I said, and pushed him against the pillar pulling both our pants down nude model bikini in one movement.I slid my dick up into his ass. "Oh, holy fuck!" he screamed and I clamped a hand over his mouth, sticking a finger inside for him to suck. I slammed him hard, and he wrapped his arms as far around the pillar as he could, hugging it as tight as he had me earlier. Then we both heard sounds. We both stopped for a minute, and tried to figure out where they were coming from. Then we heard the doors to the elevator lobby open, and we skirted around the pillar.I pulled out of him, to his silent protest, and pulled up my pants. I left the head of my cock metart japanese models sticking out the top, to hide the inevitable tent, forgetting I had no shirt. Julian grinned at me as he pulled up his pants, and pushed me towards the noise. A family of four senior hairy models emerged just as we came into view, and we slid past them with only a slight indication of notice."Do the elevators have cameras?" I asked pressing the up button."Yeah, but the guard's hott and probably would enjoy a show," bam bam model Julian said ripping his own shirt off, and using the strands to rope around my waist and ariel teen model pull me to him. The elevator dinged, and we went in. He hit the button for the penthouse, and slammed me against the closing door.Sliding his tongue back into my mouth, he slid a finger up my ass. I groaned. I was tight. I'd only bottomed twice. I was nearly exclusively a top, and he realized that by breaking off the kiss."Shit you're tight.""You want it?""Maybe in the morning," he said grinning.I pushed him away skye model teen from the door and slammed him against the elevator wall, shaking it slightly, just as the doors opened. "Shit," I said. Julian grabbed the waistband of the pants and pulled me out of the elevator, and down the hallway to the end door.Penthouse Three was huge, and two floors, and overlooked the lake. "Damn," I said internet teen modeling momentarily distracted from Julian. "This place is amazing."Julian grinned that grin which I was getting so used to, and could never get tired of. "Thanks. It's actually my uncles, but he's never here so he said I could live here.""Nice uncle.""Yeah. He's got a nice dick too," said Julian wistfully."Huh?" I said spinning around."Oh, he's pedo young models only thirty-two. My mothers youngest brother. He's cool; lives in the Bahamas for tax reasons. With his two boys.""Sons, or boys?""Boys.""Two?""Yeah, eighteen and twenty.""We should pay him a visit someday.""Yeah, he'd like that. But right now, I'd like you to face fuck my brains out. I want you to make me scream like I've never screamed. I want you to work me as hard as pregnant bikini modeling I work you."I pantymodel teens needed no further encouragement and forced him down onto his knees. He grabbed my sweats as he went down and swallowed my mini teen models dick whole. I gripped the edge of the kitchen counter and started to fuck his face. He swallowed with a mastery of someone who'd done it daily. I ground my crotch into his face, and put a hand behind his head to pull it in as I pushed. He nearly gagged, but squeezed my ass in pleasure.I kept pounding his face, forcing my dick further down his throat until the bile filled his mouth, and ran down to the base of my cock. I pulled out, and he reswallowed the bile, and grinned up at me. "Now that's face fucking," he said."Oh, hell ya," sexy preeteen model I said looking down at him and dropped to toplessteen model my knees and licked some of the bile from around his mouth and then slid my tongue into his mouth.I then picked him up and sat him down on the kitchen counter, ripped his pants off, and started to run my tongue along his ass. "Oh, fuck, Teej. That's it, bro! Just like that. Oh fucking yeah, Teej!" I slid my tongue up into his ass. I could smell his sweat, I stared right into his dick, pulsating with every last lick I gave. I tasted me in him, and pushed his legs farther back and spread his ass wider. I dug my mouth up into his crack, and my tongue went so far into his ass I could feel his prostate."OH FUCK YEAH!" he screamed. goth models I could smell the lust. nina pretens model He so wanted to get fucked, so wanted to eat my cum, but I was going to make this go as long as I could. I couldn't let this end before I'd worshiped him, the way I'd wanted to since the day he had me feel his biceps. teeny boy models Oh fuck yeah.I pulled him off ukrainian teen model the counter. "You got your own gym?" I asked panting."Yeah. Upstairs," he said equally winded. "Why?""I want to worship you," I said running a hand across his chest, "while you lift weights.""Oh god, yes." We both looked at each other in the eyes. We both realized we had the same fetishes. "Holy fuck," he said. "I've japanese bikni models not had that since my brother left.""Brother?""Yeah. My twin. petite models binaries He's in California. We can visit him too," said Julian before grabbing my hand. Leaving all our clothes behind, except cap and bandanna, he pulled me up the stairs.There, pubertal models nude looking out over the lake was his bedroom, or rather his workout room, since his bed consisted only of a mattress on the floor in the corner. The whole rest of the room was filled with workout equipment. Treadmills, stair climbers, free weights, and universal machines. There were also speakers mounted on the wall around the room, several large plasma screens, and 13y old models a full entertainment centre in the corner opposite the bed."Holy shit," I said."Thanks," he said, and led me towards the free weights.He first pulled some 80lb dumbbells from the stand, and started to do some bicep curls. I watched as he strained with the weights. The blood was pulsating through his arms, around the tight bicep, and then along his tight forearms. His grunts drew me towards him. He flexed and brought the weights up and down, each time with more of a struggle, but never losing the lust in his eyes. The sweat was building on his arms, and as I touched his biceps I got shivers.His arms were so powerful. So raw. So pure.He kept pumping, and I slid my hands along the bicep as it curled, savouring the feel. The moment. The raw power contained within. I leaned forward and licked the sweat from the top of the bicep and it contracted. Then, as he extended his arm, I licked the sweat from inside his elbow.Julian then moved his arms above his head, and started to do overhead presses. Still with the 80's. I could tell he was struggling, but his dick was as hard as his arms, and I took a step closer to him and ran each hand down his arms, from elbow to pit, as he did each press. Sweat was running down his face now, dripping onto both our dicks. girle super modeles It was gathering in his pits as I licked them. He moaned, and nearly dropped the weights.I supported his arms, kissed him on the lips, nn maxwells models and helped him lower the weights to the ground. He looked at me with his incredible brown eyes, and lay on his back. With each sit-up his abs contracted and released. With each completion, I went down with mature model photos my tongue and cleaned some of the sweat that was gathering in the crevices between abs. Once I had cleaned the sweat from his stomach, he sat up. He pulled me over him, and I sat on his thighs.I wrapped my arms around his busy bikini models neck, and he slowly lowered me down to the floor. I lay on my back and he slowly licked the sweat from my chest. Slowly nudes girl models moving his way down my stomach, he kept his eyes locked with mine. His chin stubble reached my dick before his mouth did, and I shuddered with pleasure. My head dropped back onto the floor as he swallowed my dick from head to base.Gently his tongue caressed my dick, as my hands rested on his shoulders. Caressing his shoulders, I gently massaged out the nail prints from hours before. I groaned as his tongue slid around my head, and then along the shaft again. My hands fell to the floor, where his hands found mine and locked our fingers together.He pulled off my dick, and pulled me back up into sitting position, I looked into his eyes. The lust was still there, but had now mixed with something else. We both leaned forward, and found that our tongues touched before our lips met. Letting our tongues caress the others, our hands did the same across our torsos. Slowly, as our mouths rejoined, our chests touched and our sweat mingled.I pushed Julian back down onto the floor and broke nonnude childmodel off the kiss, instead kissing his neck, chest, nipple, stomach on down to his dick. I swallowed his video sandra model dick in one motion. "Oh god!" Julian shouted. I slid my tongue around his cock, the way he had around mine. I caressed his chest with my hands until he took them into his, and again interlaced our fingers.I pulled up off of his dick, and looked up to see him smile. "I never thought," he said, "that you would be the one I'd fall for.""You've already said that," I said, but had heard the difference in the way he said it. The first time it was resentfully, worrying. This time it was refreshing, exhilarating. Loving."Spend the night?" he said, indicating the bed."It's three a.m., I kinda figured I would.""Come on, bro," he said, and pulled me to my feet. I wrapped my arms around his torso, and squeezed his ass."I still want this," I said, lightly fingering his hole."I know, there'll be plenty of time.""Yeah," I said, lust and desire rising through my body, "but I want it now!" I grabbed Julian's ass female models ass hard and pulled him into me. He was momentarily shocked, but when my finger slid up his ass, the desire rose in his eyes to equal to mine.I bent him over the bench press bar and slid my dick into his ass. "Argh!" he screamed in pleasure. I gripped the bar to stop it from rolling off the stand, and mexican teen models slammed Julian hard. "Oh fuck," he said with pleasure. "Fuck me hard!"I could do no more than what he asked, and slammed his ass hard. Again. And again. And again I pounded his ass. Head to base, my balls kid international model slapped against his ass. We were both dripping with sweat again, and I leaned forward until my chest rested on his back. The sweat curacao model nude lubed us up and I slid into his ass and along his back with ease. He pushed us up, and hung onto the bar as I slammed his ass again."Fuck me," I whispered 11yo models ls into his ear. "Fuck me like I fuck you," I pleaded."I will," he said, and pushed me off him, spun around, and pushed me up against the side of the lat pull down machine. "Right now," he said fingering my hole."Oh fuck," I moaned. I felt one finger go in, and I male fitness model relaxed some to let another go in. "Oh fuck yeah," I moaned. Then I felt a third finger, and a fourth. And then he began young model priteen to massage my prostate. I felt my legs give way under me, and his hand gripped my neck and held russian preten models me up."Now," he said, "you're ready." I then felt his fingers slide out and his dick rammed its way in."Argh!" I screamed, ukrain models tgp a mix of pain and pleasure. He started to pound my ass. In and out; and in again, and out. I moaned with pleasure, gripping the machine and arching my back. "Oh young sexy modeling yeah! Julian fuck me. Fuck me hard," I screamed, and he did.Slamming me hard against the machine, I felt his balls hit my ass. Again, and again. He fucking black model pounded my ass, while licking the sweat from my back. Julian groaned, and muttered into my ear, "I'll cum wherever you want me to."I had to think. I wanted him to cum in my ass, in my mouth and on scale models my chest. There would be time for them all, I concluded. "On your chest," I said, "I want to lick it off you. And I'll...Ugh! And I'll cum on you too.""Mmmm," was all Julian said and pulled out. He dropped to the ground, and started to pump model jessica white his dick. I surprised him by sliding my dick up his ass. "Mmmmm," he said again, and kept stroking. I felt him cumming before I saw it. His ass convulsed, and closed around my dick, and I used all fladmodels ru my energy to not cum. Then I watched as his back arched, and his abs rose and his dick sprayed thick white cum all over.His cum hit the wall, the floor, the bench, his face, his chin, his chest and teenmodel under 14 his abs, and then what was left dribbled out of his dick, and ran over his fingers and down onto his balls. When he stopped convulsing, I pulled out and stroked only a few times before I blew my load all over him.A huge spray hit his chin, ran down his neck, over his shoulder and onto the floor. Another hit his forehead and mingled with some of his own, before running down to his ear. The rest sprayed over his chest, abs, arms and dick.I dropped down on top of him, sweat and cum mixing into an amazingly intoxicating smell. I started to lick the cum off his face, swallowed some, and then stopped when his hand reached around behind my neck. "I want to taste us," he said. I leaned over licked some of the cum from his chin, a mix of his and mine and our sweat, and rolled it around in my mouth.I looked down, and his mouth was open, waiting for the efforts of our four hour marathon of love, lust and desire. I opened my mouth, and watched as it slowly strung out from my mouth, and made its way to his. His tongue met it just before it reached his lips, and brought it the rest of the way. Still with it running from my mouth, he tasted us. I leaned down, bringing the last of the cum to him, and planted my mouth over his. Our tongues mixing the cum alan white models and sweat and spit until it was as much us as it could be. Breaking off our kiss, we both took some back with us, and swallowed.It ran down the back of my throat like fine vodka. Pure. No burn. Just pure, raw, sex. I could taste him, and me, and it was amazing.I kept licking the mix from his chest, abs and fingers. When I was done, he pushed me onto my back, and licked the remnants from my chest, stomach and dick. The cum on his biceps glistened in the light, and I ran a finger through the, now clear, liquid. Massaging it into his arm he flexed and spit on it, and I massaged it all into his skin."You know," Julian said looking at me hovering above him. "This sure as hell is gonna change our workouts.""Uh huh," I said smiling. "I can think of a few new workouts.""I thought you brazilian nude model might," he said and smiled. "We're gonna be training here now.""Sure. On one condition," I said."What?""We do a few movies together."Julian hesitated, then smiled. "JC and TJ presents?""JC and TJ star in, I was thinking."Julian grinned. "Yeah, I like that too. I can see if I can round up some of the guys I used to do it japanese kid models with?""That'd be hott.""So are you," he said. I grinned. "And that makes you hotter," he said, pulling me on top of skinny little models him.We kissed, our tongues mingled, and we tasted sex again, before we collapsed into a sweaty, and spent, mess on the floor, and fell asleep amidst weights, cum and the culmination of our lust.
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